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#ICYMI: Mariah Carey Was Fired And ReHired For NBC’s Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremoney Tonight

Mariah Carey

If you’re stressing because of having to deal with family drama related to the approaching holiday, rest assured that you’re not alone. Celebs like Mariah Carey are right there with you.  TMZ broke the story yesterday that she was 3 hours late to a live tapping of her performance for NBC’s Christmas Tree lighting special because she had to deal with lawyers regarding her divorce from husband Nick Cannon. NBC execs weren’t cool with the inconvenience, and she was fired as a result.

Things then got even more dramatic when Country music star Leann Rhymes took to Twitter announcing that her set was extended, implying that it was because Mariah was removed from the bill. The catch is that Leann’s announcement was a bit premature.  In a follow up to their exclusive, TMZ reported that NBC had a change of heart, allowing Ms Carey to perform her potion live tonight instead. Tune in tonight at 8pm and see how it all turns out.