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#ICYMI: Lil Wayne Explains Retirement On FS1

Even if you are just a casual observer of hip hop, chances are that you’ve heard something about the on going feud between Young Money rapper Lil Wayne and Bryan “Birdman” Williams, the CEO of his parent company Cash Money Records. In short, this dispute has resulted in the delayed release of Wayne’s Tha Carter V album, which ballooned into a $50 million lawsuit that also includes music giant Universal Music Group. Now, a heated discussion with Birdman, presumably about these issues, has resulted in an angry tweet from the 33 year old rapper announcing his retirement from hip hop if things don’t change.

This caused an understandable firestorm amongst fans so Wayne utilized his personal connection with sports talk show Skip And Shannon Undisputed to appear on FS1 and explain the “real impact” of his situation.

“I have a family. I have kids. I have a mother. We have bills. This is just business,” said Wayne.

Clarifying things even further, he goes on to say that he will never work with Birdman ever again saying

“Gimme mine and I’ll walk free.”

It’s a pretty big shot fired in the on going YMCMB civil war. Watch the must see clip above just in case you missed it.