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#ICYMI: Last Week Tonight’s John Oliver Releases New Campaign Song Against Politicians

In case you missed it amongst the other political craziness of last week, Republican candidate for president Donald Trump got in some hot water when he used the Queen classic hit “We Are The Champions” for his entrance music last Monday at the RNC. The self-celebrated billionaire apparently didn’t pay the band or get their permission to do so. Aside from being outright rude and disrespectful, this kind of use is illegal, and in most cases, follows a long tradition of him  and several other politicians, ignoring the intellectual property rights of musicians without consequences for decades.

Always creatively vigilant, HBO’s John Oliver got together with some standout music stars to highlight this decades long consistency of injustice. Following a brief but detailed report on this uninterrupted trend, Oliver cut to a music video listed as “Campaign Song”, which stars veteran musicians Michael Bolton, Sheryl Crow, Josh Groban, Cyndi Lauper, John Mellencamp, Usher, Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons, and Ann and Nancy Wilson.  See the video above.

When you consider the amount of money thrown around to build campaigns, it’s truly sad that these political elite don’t compensate everyone. These are the people that run our country, creating  “law and order.” It’s sad that they out right ignore intellectual property rights of creators without any consequence at all. Hopefully this song helps change that.

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