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#ICYMI: Lady Gaga Tells Sway That Her Fame Is A Perfect Illusion

(Above conversation is Uncensored)

In honor of the recently announced track listings and name of Lady Gaga’s new up coming album Joanne, we thought it would be cool to share a recent interview with her “music family” member Sway of MTV and SiriusXM’s Sway In the Morning for its Shade 45 station. In the candid and uncensored talk, Gaga explains the meaning behind her latest single “Perfect Illusion”, and how hard it is for her to keep up the perfect illusion of celebrity life as a 30-year-old woman that is more normal than people might assume she is.

Thanks to the close nature of their relationship, Sway and crew were able to get some in-depth perspective on Gaga’s creative process, and got the inside scoop that her goal was to relate to an average girl from middle America in a way that people might not expect.

For the actual creation of Joanne, she credits Mark Ronson for bring the best out of her without compromising, and graciously thanked the “Uptown Funk” producer for writing an empowering ballad with Florence Welch called “Hey Girl”. Other creative talents to contribute to the record include Father and John Misty. See the full Joanne track listing below!


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“Perfect Illusion”

From:  Joanne

Streamline/Interscope Records

Joanne standard edition:

  1. “Diamond Heart”
  2. “A-Yo”
  3. “Joanne”
  4. “John Wayne”
  5. “Dancin’ In Circles”
  6. “Perfect Illusion”
  7. “Million Reasons”
  8. “Sinner’s Prayer”
  9. “Come to Mama”
  10. “Hey Girl” (featuring Florence Welch)
  11. “Angel Down”


Joanne deluxe edition add-ons:

  1. “Grigio Girls”
  2. “Just Another Day”
  3. “Angel Down (Work Tape)”