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#ICYMI: Killer Mike Discusses Bridging The Racial Divide By Appealing For Senior Citizen Fans And Helping The Crips Launch a Soda Company

In case you missed it, last Thursday, rapper/activist Killer Mike had a pretty cool interview with Late Night host Seth Meyers that we thought was worth highlighting.  In addition to remonicing about Mike’s famed support of former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, the politically charged chat also went on to tacked some deeper inherent socio economic issues known along the country’s racial divide. The Run The Jewels rapper has been addressing these issues in a variety of unique scenarios on his Netflix docu series, “Trigger Warning with Killer Mike.”   Watch Mike explain while he offers seth a “Cripa Cola, an independent upstart soda company designed to benefit and employ crip gang members.  It’s certainly something to see. Watch The Clip above. Cheers!