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#ICYMI: Kanye Teaches Clothes In College And Chris Brown May Have A New Reality Show

Kanye West And Chris Brown

Kanye West was in the news this week for carrying out his community service sentence at fashion school. In case you missed it, Yeezus visited L.A. Trade Technical College on Monday to speak to students about his experience in the world of fashion. This came as the result of him cutting a plea deal back in March to do 250 hours of community service as a way of a way of avoiding jail time for assaulting a paparazzo.

Like a story that can only come out of Hollywood culture, many at gossip related new sources inevitably compared professor West to Chris Brown, who did his community service on the side of the road shoveling. Aside from the fact that Chris’ does stem back to the 2009 beating of Rihanna, this comparison was probably done because the contrast is somewhat comical, and some may view it as a blatant example of unfair, more serve treatment against Chris Brown.

Although they are both assault cases, we rationalized it by seeing the two as very different, and by the fact that, for one reason or another, Chris’ incidents are more aggressive and consistent. When it comes to tabloid fodder, anything Chris does seems to fit the bill, and even when just talking about our own site’s experience, readers continue to eat it up in high numbers.

Well, that massive audience reaction isn’t lost on TV producers.  According to TMZ, BET has held focus groups to confirm that audiences would flock to watch Chris in a “post jail” reality show like they assume. The focus group, which consisted of entirely African American women had a majority that would watch it. TMZ says that BET has been talking to several production companies on the subject.  One thing’s for sure, if CB needs advice on how to do it right, all he needs to do is give Kimye a call.

We’lll keep posted as we learn more, just in case you missed it.

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