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#ICYMI: Justin Timberlake Gives Touching Speech Of Unity At Teen Choice Awards

In case you missed it, Justin Timberlake gave a stand out speech while accepting the first ever, “Decade Award” at the 2016 Teen Choice Awards, which aired on Fox last night. The “Can’t Stop The Feeling” singer blended personal reflection, and a culturally opened view of history with the inspirational words of the late Muhammad Ali in a remarkably composed and poignant speech. His goal clearly was to encourage his young fans to make the most of their youth, do their best, and place love and acceptance above the highly divisive rhetoric that has permeated our tension ridden country.

Personal values aside, the presentation that introduced his touching speech also did a wonderful job encapsulating why he’s matured into such a universally loved star of Film, TV, and music over the past decade. It was wonderful to watch, and absolutely needs to be seen. See video above.