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#ICYMI: Justin Bieber Gets Pelted With Eggs In New Comedy Central Promo

Fans continue to show their love to hate relationship with Justin Bieber, as his new Comedy Central roast promo has quickly become a trending topic across the web. In the 31 second clip, a shirtless Bieber stands in front of a white backdrop, and after briefly checking his died dirty blond hair, the “Baby” singer proceeds to get pelted with raw eggs.  In addition to just fulfilling many onlooker’s fantasy of wanting to see the singer turned tabloid staple get his, it is also likely to be a nod to the now infamous “egging incident” in which the singer was reported to have caused over $10,000 worth of damage to a neighbor’s house.  In a sense, this is him getting the situation turned around on him, and giving him what he deserves. Check it out. The Roast airs on Comedy Central on March 30th.