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#ICYMI: Jerry Casalea of 80’s Group Devo Under Fire For 9/11 Themed Wedding

9/11 Tribute Image Blended With Devo Hat

In case you missed it, Jerry Casalea of 80’s new wave group Devo is in the news for his truly bizarre “ 9/11” themed wedding.   The controversial nuptials took place this past Friday on the 14th anniversary of the horrific terrorist attacks. Yesterday, TMZ reported exclusively that he and his bride, Krista Napp, split a twin towers cake while celebrating at Michael’s Restaurant in Santa Monica CA. Embracing the infamy of the date in the oddest way, guests were served at tables that were decorated with pictures of a box cutter that featured the couple’s names engraved on it. Making matters even odder, everyone in attendance also went home with a box cutter as a party favor.

So, lets take a moment of brief reflection. We live in a world where people have been celebrated for either doing their part to prevent or not service gay marriages, but this sick joke of a straight wedding went off without even a hint of protest. Something is truly wrong. #Neverforget

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