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#ICYMI: Iggy Azalea and Jim Carrey Throw A “Halloween Party” On SNL

Iggy Azalea and Jim Carrey got into the Halloween spirit on SNL this past weekend. The “Fancy” rapper helped out in a skit called “The Halloween Party” that feature Carry and SNL’s Kate McKinnon dressed nude leotards  and blond wigs, matching that of Sia’s hit music video for “Chandelier.” In addition to parodying Sia’s eye catching video, the pair can be seen dancing around the studio, teasing Lauren Michaels, and getting Iggy, the show’s musical guest into the act. Check it out.

While you’re watching, don’t miss her rock a medley of  her performing “Black Widow” and “Fancy,” as well as her brand new single “Beg For It”, which was released last week as part of Def Jam’s “Re-Issuing” of her hit album The New Classic known as Reclassified.

Iggy Azalea 

“Fancy/Black Widow”

From Saturday Night Live


Iggy Azalea Featuring 

“Beg For It”

From Saturday Night Live