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#ICYMI: High School Loses Bieber Fever While Selena Gomez and Justin On-Again…Again?

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By: Smashley Nicole

Whether or not they are together again, it looks like these two just can’t stay away from each other. First, the Biebs and on-again, off-again, on-again girlfriend, Selena Gomez were spotted getting coffee together. Bieber also posted a photo of ex girlfriend on his instagram referring to her as the ‘most elegant princess in the world’.

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This occurrence was easily blown off, but shortly after, the two resurfaced together apparently taking notes from ‘Dirty Dancing’ and hitting a dance studio in Texas. The two weren’t alone though, talk about awkward, TMZ reports, the two spent 2 hours in a private practice space along with a choreographer.

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Selena’s parents are anything but happy, because back in January, the star spent two weeks in rehab(story here). They put a lot of blame on the Bieb’s for her stint in rehab, and are understandably concerned for her well being. According to an undisclosed source (via NY Daily News)  Selena has reportedly  “chosen Justin over her family in the past”. Yikes.

Along with her unhappy parents, US Weekly  is reports, her BFF, Taylor Swift is also unhappy about the couple’s recent reunion. Guess it’s a good thing she has new BFF Lorde to keep her company while she keeps her distance.

As you may already know, Justin has been in a ton of trouble recently. Incase you missed his crazy, deposition video story, you can check that out here. Based on this recent incident, along with his consistent spoiled brat behavior, I absolutely agree with everyone who thinks he’s bad for Selena. It’s a pretty toxic relationship On the flip side, maybe them reuniting could possibly push him on the right path.

Who knows, only time will tell.

On a side note, there’s a pretty interesting fundraiser campaign going on at Tenino high school in Washington state. New York Daily News reports, the school is playing  JB’s single “Baby”  non-stop between classes and during lunch until they reach their goal of $500. The cause?  To help orphans in Ghana, and the brains behind the idea was class president Conner Stakelin. So much for Bieber fever … You can check out that full story here.

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