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#ICYMI: Harry Styles Interviewed By His Mom And Famous Friends

In case you missed it,  radio 1’s  Breakfast Show host Nick Grimshaw had Harry Styles on as a guest on the show to talk about everything going on with his acclaimed new hit “Sign Of The Times” and everything going on with his yet to released solo album.  However, to switch things up, instead of interviewing him himself he decided to enlist the help of Harry’s famous friends Chris Martin, Ronnie Wood, Ed Sheeran, Rita Ora and his mom. It’s a cool clip all directioners must see.

If you like what you see, you’re going to want to see this recent clip of Harry ringing up CBS’ British born late night personality James Corden to schedule May’s American leg of his new tour.   As you’ll see, the two stars chatted it up on FaceTime about when Harry \asked James about using the Late Late Show studio as a place to stay when he visits LA in May.  Watch the two work out an agreement to have Harry stay with The Late Late Show for a week in May. Obviously, it’s no surprise that Harry Styles’ self-titled debut album is out May 12 via Erskine/Columbia Records. See The video below. 


James Corden Talks About Week Long Visit At The Late Late Show In May


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