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#ICYMI: Fox Bumped The Foo Fighters From The Emmys Because They Didn’t Want To Play “Learn To Fly?”?

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In case you missed it, TMZ uncovered why the Foo Fighters didn’t perform at this year’s Emmys like originally intended. Following a brief chat with both a rep for the band and its leader Dave Grohl, it was learned that although the Fox Network was thrilled to feature them as the very first rock band to perform on the award show, they asked that the Foo to abbreviate or shorten the song they chose to perform from their award winning album, Sonic Highways. They weren’t having it.

Sources say that Fox wanted half of a Sonic Highways in order for them to make room for their 1999 crossover pop hit, “Learn To Fly. ”

The Foo Fighters chose to also respond through an official statement released to Rolling Stone.

“The band and the Academy were extremely happy and excited to have Foo Fighters play as the first ever rock band on the Emmys. Fox then refused to allow the band to play a full song from the Emmy-winning Sonic Highways,” the band said. “That is why the band decided not to perform.”

Did Fox blow it?

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