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#ICYMI: Drake Almost Got Will Smith “Killed”

In case you missed it, Will Smith said he almost died doing Drake’s “In My Feelings” challenge on Instagram last week, and he took to Youtube to prove it to all of us.  As it was already widely reported, the Fresh Prince took “Social media stupidity” to a whole new level by doing the Shiggy to the Billboard chart topper on the very top of a bridge in Budapest to honor “the 6 god.”   Following a very clearly worded “do not attempt” warning, Smith is shown in the “Drake Almost Got Me Killed,”mini doc with his video crew, who are gathered in the Four Seasons lobby at 4:30 a.m., discusses how he caught  a “bridge bug” in Sydney, and as he approached his last day in Budapest, he had to do something big.


“We’re going up the Chain Bridge and this is definitely stupid,” Smith said to camera. “Is this legal? Did anybody check with legal?”

While they’re waiting, Smith claims they’re still doing it and “It’s not legal.


He then climbed the bridge with his crew as the line “Kiki, do you love me?” played in the background.  He was at the very top of the bridge, and the video ended with a screen full of all the headlines he got for the stunt.  He then promptly said, “Let’s get the hell out of here before the police come.” It was pretty entertaining. Watch the clip above.