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#ICYMI: Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino’s “This Is America” Video EXPLAINED

Under his rap moniker Childish Gambino, rapper/actor/producer/writer Donald Glover premiered two new songs while performing onon Saturday Night Live this past weekend. While serving as both host and musical guest, he also dropped a music video for “This Is America.” Choreographed by Sherrie Silver and directed by Hiro Murai, the video, has a lot of layered images jammed into its  four-minute running time.

Since the weekend, many in news and entertainment media have praised the clip as an expertly packaged analysis of what’s really happening in current day United States. Because the video’s content is very dense and not without controversy, we wanted to defer to the good people at online network The Young Turks, who provided some analysis of the layered images, and point out key things you may have missed. Watch the clip above.