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#ICYMI: Destiny’s Child: Kelly’s Baby Bumpin’, Michelle Says “Say Yes” & Beyonce Teams Up With HBO For 10 Week Mini-Series

Video Still From Michelle Williams’ “Say Yes” Music Video

The ladies of Destiney’s Child have given us plenty to write about it, and we’ve gathered a few of the highlights together for you, just in case you missed it. First up, DC’s leading lady, MRS. Carter, Beyonce has announced that she will be returning to HBO next week for a for a 10 episode mini series, which is meant to showcase her Mrs. Carter World Tour. Just like with all things Beyonce and Jay-Z, partnering with the cable network is more than likely a fantastic business move for “the Beygency.”

The tour has already grossed well over $200 million, and based on track record alone, HBO’s involvement is likely to magnify everything that much more. Fans will recall that her last effort with HBO, her full length documentary, Life Is But a Dream brought in 1.8 million viewers in one night, which set the premium channel’s record as it’s highest rated documentary since 2004′s Nielsen ratings system change.  Want to get an idea of what to expect? Check out the recently released 30-second trailer below.

Beyoncé: X10 – The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour (trailer)


Kelly Rowland Yoga Baby Bump Pic Via Instagram

Kelly Rowland Yoga Baby Bump Pic Via Instagram

Following her quickie private wedding in May with beau/ manager Tim Witherspoon, the normally tightlipped Kelly Rowland has announced that her and her new hubby are expecting! Kelly can be seen showing off her baby bump in the above Instagram photo that was posted last week. Fans don’t need to worry though because it doesn’t look like her growing family is going to slow things down. Rowland also posted a video to her Instagram greeting fans from the studio. Click here to check it out.

 If you need an example of things not slowing down, all you need to do is look at the “Say Yes” music video by DC’s Michelle Williams. Within days the video exploded online, thanks to the buzz centered on it reuniting the gospel singer with her fellow Destiny’s Child group members Beyonce and Kelly.  As you’ll see in the religious tune’s high energy and feel good video, these lovely ladies haven’t missed a beat.

Michelle Williams Featuring Beyonce Knowles and Kelly Rowland

“Say Yes”

E1 Music

Does this mean we can expect more from the Destiny’s Child family? Well, that family is growing in influence, and now size. So, there could even be a Destiny’s Child The Next Generation. Or, at least a little part of us would like to see that! Who knows?  No matter what the future holds for this growing DC fam, we’ll gladly keep you posted with every detail, just in case you missed it.


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