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#ICYMI: Chris Cornell’s Wife Blames His Doctor on His Relapse And Death

In case you missed it, Chris Cornell wife Vicky Karayiannis had an emotional interview with ABC about the death of her husband, Soundgarden/Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell’s suicide for the first time. Vicky told Good morning America’s Robin Roberts that she blames Chris’ former doctor for prescribing him benzodiazepine.  She explained that Chris apparently got the script after suffering a shoulder injury. As a recovering addict, Vicky said that he never should have been given painkillers without also receiving strict supervision.  

Vicky believes that this lead to his relapse, and later the reckless behavior that resulted in his death.  Chris Cornell hanged himself in a Detroit hotel room after a Soundgarden concert back in May. The Medical Examiner determined that he had several drugs in his system, including, sedative, barbiturates and Ativan. Vicky believes that he wouldn’t have killed himself if he was sober.  Watch the emotional interview above.