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#ICYMI: Chris Brown Drops $120 Thousand On Assault Cases.

Chris Brown

Last Friday we happily reported the news that Chris Brown was making praise filled with the community service associated with his Rihanna assault case, and now there looks like some more “good news” has come his way. According to TMZ, the once troubled singer has settled two other outstanding assault cases out of court. Brown’s camp told TMZ that he paid the Washington DC man he punched $100,000 to settle the man’s related civil lawsuit. Chris dodged a bullet with said case when Breezy enlisted the help of lawyer  Mark Geragos to strike a deal, avoid jail time and additional fine by pleading guilty outta the gate. Seems like a good enough reason!

Brown also famously scuffled with R&B singer, Frank Ocean’s cousin. Frank’s cousin then sued Chris for a hefty $3 million. When the smoke cleared however, TMZ says the feud was settled for the much smaller amount of $20,000. Cheers to the clean slate Mr. Brown Best of luck with positivity moving forward.