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#ICYMI: Charlie Puth And Selena Gomez Jointly Address Dating Rumors

Selena Gomez and Charlie Puth via Instagram

In case you missed it, “See You Again” singer Charlie Puth has been buzzing across Instagram with rumors that he’s dating Selena Gomez. Why? Well, they took pictures together of course. It caused both Charlie and Selena to have to hit their Twitter accounts and cool down the rumors.

“She’s just my friend guys lol relax,” Charlie tweeted, while Selena shared another photo of herself with Charlie and wrote, “Before it begins, he is a good one. He is MY FRIEND only lol.”

Charlie later thanked Gomez for being a true homie, assuring her that the October 9th release of her up coming album Revival would be a hit. We doubt she’ll need the help. Revival’s lead single “Good For You” has become her most successful to date. However, if she does need a hand, Selena can take a cue from Charlie’s latest single and know that he’s “One Call Away.”

Charlie Puth’s Nine Track Mind is due to hit stores on November 6th.

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