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#ICYMI: Brendon Urie sues Former Roommate

Photo: Screenshot from Panic! At The Disco’s”Mis Jackson” video

By: Smashley Nicole

Looks like Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco might be in need of some Positive Hardcore Thursday vibes in his life.


Being the lead singer of world famous band has it’s perks, but for Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco, it also has a the alleged story of a dirtbag roommate. Daily Mail confirms Urie is suing his former roommate, Shane Valdes for allegedly stealing over $127k from Urie’s bank account. Originally Valdes had access to Urie’s accounts so he could pay bills when the two lived together and Urie was on the road.

Valdes claims: ‘We were best friends for a long time and there is nothing about his claims that are true.’ when he was contacted by TMZ. In the same report, Valdes claims the money Urie is accusing him of taking was to film a documentary about Panic! At The Disco, a documentary Urie claims he never discussed with Valdes.  IMDb also shows Director credits for Shane Valdes on two Panic! documentaries, ” Panic! At The Disco: Calendar Business”, and “Panic! At The Disco: In The Days”.

On the bright side, Urie no longer has roommate troubles as he married his wife Sarah Orzechowski last year.

Stay tuned for details as this is an ongoing story. We’ll be here to keep you informed just incase you miss it!

Good luck Brendon!

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