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#ICYMI: Bobby Brown’s Sisters Shooting Reality Show During Bobbi Kristina Crisis

Bobbi Kristina

Despite making headlines for releasing conflicting reports about Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown, TMZ is back at it. This morning they broke the story that the Brown family is shooting a reality show around the chaos that this current situation is bringing them. Sources involved with the show’s production team have apparently revealed to the gossip blog that Bobby Brown’s 2 sisters are filming a show about their lives, and part of that happens to currently involve chronicling Bobbi’s struggle for her life right now.

Unfortunately, this is because Bobby’s sisters apparently have a history of associating themselves with the family’s high profile activity. Tabloid followers are likely to remember Leolah from when she went on record publically blaming Hip Hop singer Ray J for fueling the cocaine habit that lead to Whitey’s death.  Then, sister Tina made headlines for a sit down interview, in which she claim’s to have done crack with Whitney.

Although we can’t personally confirm this, we didn’t dismiss it as tabloid driven hype because Bobbi Kristina’s lawyer acknowledged it’s validity when confirming that she would not be appearing on camera. According to reports, the sisters aren’t permitted to shoot at the hospital, but have been debriefing confessional cameras at home.