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#ICYMI: Blake Shelton Didn’t Realize Gwen Stefani Was As Big As She Is

TMZ is getting a lot of attention today thanks to their exclusive about the rumored marriage of The Voice coaches Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani. According to their exclusive, a source close to the couple has revealed that they have hired celeb wedding planner, Jerri Woolworth, who is based out of both Tennessee and New York. Woolworth’s client list boasts the likes of events for the CMAs, the NFL and the NHL. Woolworth’s office had no comment on the matter. That may actually be a positive sign for the nuptials. Instead of no comment, she could have said no, if she wasn’t protecting client confidentiality.

Coincidentally, Blake gave some unique insight into the couple’s budding relationship during his recent appearance on NBC’s Late Night With Seth Myers. In the conversation, Blake comes clean, admitting that he didn’t initially realize Gwen, and her band No Doubt, were as big as they were. While talking with Seth, Shelton gave detail on the realization he had while listening to the radio during a drive to pick her up at the airport. After you watch the clip it isn’t hard to see why it left some fans starching their heads. See it above.

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