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#ICYMI: Angie Martinez Breaks Down The Meek Mill Controversy With Lawyer Joe Tacopino

In case you missed it, the hip hop community has rallied behind Philly rapper Meek Mill following following his recent probation violation.  After Meek receiving a minimum of 2 years in prison, Roc Nation rapper/mogul Jay-Z went on record, vowing to help Meek appeal  the case as he, and many familiar with the case believe that the Philadelphia based judge has used her influence to leverage a personal gain towards what may be a long standing feud with the rapper, or to enrich her own personal connections. Jay called the decision by Judge Brinkley, “unjust and heavy handed” and added … “We will always stand by and support Meek Mill, both as he attempts to right this wrongful sentence and then in returning to his musical career.”

Judge Brinkley has a history with Meek Mill, presiding over his case since his 2008 drug and gun case.  However, this history and her awareness of his celebrity is why his lawyer says things were unfair and handled inappropriately.  Attorney Joe Tacopino went on record with New York radio personality Angie Martinez where he claimed that Brinkley insisted that Meek Mill rework Boyz II Men’s redemption seeking  relationship ballad, “ On Bended Knee” to include and shout out to her, and that she insisted that he leave his Roc Nation management deal to work with a Philadelphia based manager that Tacopino claims the judge is connected to.  Check out Angie’s full exclusive above just in case you missed it.