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#ICYMI: Aaron Carter Desperate To Get Ex Girlfriend Hilary Duff Back

Image of Hilary Duff and Aaron Carter together.

By: Smashley Nicole

Incase you missed it, Aaron Carter has been trending worldwide via Facebook and here is the reason why:

He is claiming via Twitter that 90’s Disney star, and ex girlfriend Hilary Duff, who is most famous for her role on the teen sitcom Lizzie McGuire, is the ‘love of his life’. It all started when Carter retweeted the photo of shown below with a message that stated “ hilary duff is flawless”.



Followed by these tweets:

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 4.06.18 PM


The two dated for almost three years back in 2000, after a breakup due to his cheating on Duff with fellow Disney rival Lindsay Lohan. Yikes!

Fast forward to 2014. Back in January when Duff publicly announced her divorce from NHL husband, Mike Comrie, Carter didn’t miss a beat when he posted this cryptic tweet.



Originally, sites such as Perez Hilton  assumed these tweets were about ex girlfriend Hilary Duff, now it seems the assumptions were in fact correct. Duff has not responded. She did however, appear out alone recently and she did seem a little down in these photos from Dailymail.  Both Carter and Duff have been hitting the recording studio. Maybe they should record a duet together? She may not be ready to date any time soon.  Her and ex husband remain very close, and it seems music and her two year old son Luca are the main focus in her life right now.

Aaron’s main focus these days is also music. He posted this photo on his Facebook earlier today


“Music and my fans are the loves of my life. #music #tourlife”

currently  on “The After Party Tour”. For info & tickets click here.

Check out song “Let Go” Carter apparently wrote for Duff recently:

Aaron Carter
“Let Go” (Live at House of Blues Anaheim, California)

YouTube Preview Image


and for all the ‘90s kids here’s a throwback of Carter on Hilary Duff’s former hit TV show Lizzie McGuire

Lizzie McGuire, S1Ep18
“Aaron Carter is Coming To Town”
Disney Channel

YouTube Preview Image





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