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Howie Day Rebounds From Legal Trouble With New Music Aug 4, 2009

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Epic Records light rock stand out Howie Day returns from a series of personal controversies ready to emerge with his second major label release “Sound The Alarm.”  Fans may remember Day for his 2004 love song, “Collide” that broke him through to a mainstream audience.  Following the success of “Collide” however, were a series of incidents where Day’s harsh behavior didn’t match the soft songs he became known for.  According to published reports of the time, Day had begun having several legal issies that did nothing but get him into deeper and deeper trouble.

In any other industry you’d think that this would affect his employment due to all the trouble, but after taking some court ordered time to himself, Howie Day is ready to release more music. Despite his colorful past few years, his music is very reminiscent of his earlier success. His first new single, “Be There” is a calm melodic simple guitar strumming ditty that discusses reflection of a recently lost love, and problems had while trying to win them back with promises of self improvement.  Although official track listings weren’t released to Clizbeats, the leaked tracks for his album “Sound The Alarm,” in addition to “Be There” are of that very same subject matter played out to the course of mid tempo acoustic guitar pop song structure.  While it is very good, it is also very melancholy.  You can’t help but wonder where his head was at when writing.  Howie Day’s album Sound the Alarm is intended for release later this fall.

Howie Day
“Be There”

(Epic Records)