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How The Trailer To The New One Direction Movie Moved Us Personally

One Direction: This Is Us

One Direction: This Is Us

By now if you’re a regular reader of, you know that we are big fans of both Pop music, and media productions that paint a picture of an artist’s humanity. We’ve always tried to make that a priority when doing our work, and greatly appreciate when others do it in a way. We were reminded of that appreciation when we watched the recently released trailer for One Direction’s new documentary film, “One Direction: This Is Us.”

Watching the trailer was a mental explosion of our personal worlds that instantly brought smiles to our faces. It triggered happy memories of early inspiration. We say this because, long before One Direction, and before Clizbeats as we know it today, we part of the heart of our direction was sparked by the work of 1D film director Morgan Spurlock.

It all started when we were two music-loving students that had a very deep passion for music related media. Although our resources were limited, we foresaw some of the things that are happening in today’s industry, and used our free time to pour through different examples of acclaimed media production so we could soak up what to do. It was during that search for media makers that are “doing it right” that leads to us discovering Morgan Spurlock.

Similar to today, the music world was in a constant state of evolution, and although it showed some great promise in the future, we found ourselves looking to learn from media makers from outside the genre who knew how to capture their message with the same kind of heart that we felt the music industry deserved.  Morgan Spurlock was one of those directors. We share a vivid memory of knowing that although we never made a film before, we would have to know how to make good documentaries if we were going to accomplish our goals in the business. So, we went to the store to peal through documentaries. The first one we picked out, and were most excited to see, was Morgan Spurlock’s Supersize Me.

Everything about the film’s presentation showed that he and his team made a stylistic signature out of explaining dense, and at times serious information in a light hearted and relatable way. Like with much of the work to come from his Warrior Poets production company, Supersize Me broke the subject of America’s fast food culture down in a way that appealed to the universal desire for a peaceful quality filled human experience. It was the perfect example of how to seamlessly use human-interest experiences as illustrative aids to translated a complex message into something fun, and commercially consumable. We instantly knew that that same kind of approach could create great things for the music industry if it was properly packaged.  Apparently, he and Simon Cowell had similar feelings.

When we watched the recent trailer and saw how he humanized One Direction, we felt that the instincts we had many years ago were right. Even though Morgan beat us to the Pop music feature film party, we couldn’t be happier about it. Why? Well, when it is our turn, we can use him as an influence again. Cheers to you sir. Keep doing what you do.

“One Direction: This Is Us” film is set to hit theaters later this year. In the mean time you can check out more of Morgan’s “stylistic signature” on his new CNN Show Inside Man. It air’s Sundays at 10 PM. Check out the “This Is Us” trailer below.

“One Direction: This Is us” Trailer

Syco Entertainment/Modest! Productions/Warrior Poets/Fulwell 73/Tri Star Pictures

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