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We’d like to take a moment to wish Robin Thicke a happy 37th birthday. We are proud to say that the “Blurred Lines” singer has been a friend to Clizbeats since he met founders Craig and Matt Clizbe in 2005. Back then, Clizbeats was a college project the brothers had put together as a way of showcasing their skills for the music and media industry, and use them to overcome their shared disability of Cerebral Palsy.

At the time Thicke had just signed to Pharrell’s Star Trak Records, and was at the earliest stages of promoting what would become his breakthrough album, The Evolution Of Robin Thicke. Although he was unproven at the time, the Clizbe brothers saw him for the Grammy winning singer/songwriter that the world would later recognize and appreciate. In his recognition of their support, he called the brothers’ Temple University dorm room soon after they met, and began doing the first of the many interviews they’ve done together over the years. This made him the site’s first major label interview, and made Clizbeats’ on going support of his continually growing career a crucial part of the company’s history.

In fact his well-liked and well-respected reputation in the music industry, allowed them to be taken seriously when going on to do any of the mainstream music industry interviews that followed his. He even continued to stand by our fledgling start up, proudly distinguishing himself as one of our site’s flagship artists when he guest starred with Craig and Matt in the site’s bio video known as, The Clizbeats StoryClick here to watch it.

All of us at Clizbeats couldn’t be happier for his success!

On behalf of Craig and Matt Clizbe,

Happy Birthday Robin!

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