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Green Day Prepping To Release New Album Featuring Amy Winehouse Tribute Song

Billy Joe Armstrong

Billy Joe Armstrong Of Green Day

Green Day is back in music headlines this week in a big way.  While celebrating Valentines Day on Tuesday, Greenday frontman Billy Joe Armstrong tweeted to fans the following message. “Happy Valentine’s day! Officially started recording the new record today. It’s ___ TIME!!!!”

Fans that have been lucky enough to see the band live recently have been able to get a preview of some one the new material that is said to be making the album.  One of those songs is called “Amy”, which is a tribute to the late R&B soul singer Amy Winehouse. Another new song that is said to be making the cut for the new album is “Carpe Diem.”   It really does seem like the makings of an interesing album.  Check out the band performing “Amy” live in this viral clip of one of their recent live performances.  We will Gladly keep you posted on any developing info about new Green Day music.