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Google Announces Plans For Itunes Competitor “With A Twist”


Google Announces Plans For Itunes Competitor

The tech world was all a buzz thanks to yesterday’s  All Things Digital AsiaD Conference in Hong Kong.  This is because Google’s Android Chief Andy Rubin announced  that Google is “close” to launching a music downloading service.  The difference is that unlike competitors like Itunes, Rubin says that this service will “have a little twist–it will have a little Google in it.”

Those in the tech field that are aware of the product correlating  that the service will work as a digital store component Google’s music Locker service launched  earlier this year.  This was a logical conclusion because as of now Google Locker allows users to upload and access their music in the cloud, but doesn’t have a store component.  The inclusion Rubin’s purposed music service would naturally change that.

Reports from tech blog indicate that Rubin’s comments are confirmation of their report from last week, claiming Google was planning to lunch a music download service. In that report sources told CNET that Google has still not finalized any agreements with labels.  We will keep you updated as details unfold.