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“For The First Time”: A New Short Film By The Script

The Script "For The First Time" Phonogenic/RCA Records/Epic Records/CEG

The Script "For The First Time" Phonogenic/RCA Records/Epic Records/CEG


Every now and then, a story in a music video is so powerful it is almost like it could be made into a film, with the song simply used as a soundtrack. Well the Irish Pop/Rock band, The Script felt this way about the video for their new single, “For The First Time.”

Danny O’Donoghue of The Script told the story behind the song in an interview with Merrick, Dools & Ricki-Lee on Sydney radio station Nova 96.9.

 “The song ‘For the First Time’ was about a time when we got back after touring around the world. We wanted to press palms with the people who had really gotten us there, and we got home and realised there’s a stark reality out there, the recession has hit, people are losing their jobs and their valuable things, and we thought, this almost pales in comparison to our news. We started the song, and it ended up being a bit bleak and we felt we really needed a great message in these, to turn it around… so we needed a message of hope, as being are being stripped of all these things they’re realising what’s really important. It’s all about going back to basics, drinking cheap wine, eating your dinner off the floor. That’s when you meet each other for the first time, when you have nothing.”

The concept was brought to life not only for the music video for the song that features the band, but also in a short film version of the video featuring the chracters seen in the original video. Like the music video, the short film tells the story of a young Irish couple who relocated from the bad economy in Ireland, with hopes and dreams to make it in New York City in the US.

In The film the main male character, James (Luke Treadaway) is trying to support his girlfriend, Della (Eve Hewson) and help her find herself in their new home. Della however is home sick for her family back in Ireland. Despite their struggles, Della and James make huge sacrifices to help make the other person happy. The film shows that even in hard times, sometimes all you need is love. This helps provide layers for these characters and storyline that you would see in the music video version. Watching the 15:40 version along with the music video version, helps make the song that much more powerful.

“For The First Time” is included on The Script’s second album, Science And Faith. It hit hit number one on both the UK and Ireland album charts. Epic Records plans to release the album in the US in January, we will keep you posted!

“For The First Time” (Short Film)

Starring Eve Hewson & Luke Treadaway

Music By The Script

Presented By Sony Music Entertainment UK

(This Clip Contains Some Strong Language)

(Running Time 15:40)


The Script

“For The First Time”

(Music Video Version)

From Science And Faith

Phonogenic/RCA Records/Epic Records/CEG