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“F*** Thursday”: “You And I” Video Leak Kills MTV Premiere

Lady Gaga You and I video still

Still shot From Lady Gaga's "You And I"s Official Music Video

The Music world is all a buzz over Lady Gaga’s music video for “You And I”.  Gaga was scheduled to première her video on MTV this Thursday (Aug. 18) at 7:49 p.m., during an MTV special titled “MTV First: Lady Gaga.”  As many of her little monsters (Lady Gaga fans) learned very quickly, that isn’t what happened!  Celeb bloggers like Perez Hilton have been named as responsible for the video’s rapid leak.  To regain control of the leak, Gaga took to her twitter account saying, the words “F***  Thursday”, and tweeting it to her 12 million plus followers.  If you aren’t one of those 12 million and have yet to see the video, we have embeded it below.  Enjoy!

Lady Gaga

“You and I”

Kon Live/Streamline/Interscope Records