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Drake Hinting At Personal Problems In New Music?



Drake is blowin’ up all over the blogs thanks to the release of his new promo single “Girls Love Beyonce” featuring James Fauntleroy. James helped Drake creatively flip the classic Destiny’s Child hook to “Say My Name” into a theme that represents deception in a relationship from the male point of view. It fits perfectly into the string of songs that Drake has been releasing lately, and provides a window into what may being going on in his head as a 26 year old man dealing with fame.

As outsiders looking in, we’ve come to this conclusion based on the lyrical content of several songs in his catalog. We can’t help but think that Drake is dealing with isolation and some serious trust issues. If those issues are because of fame or something private, we can’t say.  What we can say is that “Girls Love Beyonce” follows 3 songs that explicitly express similar feelings in what we think is undeniable detail. Our case and point can be heard in a ringing fashion when listening to the first single to his latest album,“Started From The Bottom. “  It very clearly says the following in its bridge.

“No new n****s, n**** we don’t feel that
F*** a fake friend, where you real friends at?
We don’t like to do too much explaining
Story stays the same I never changed”

Again, it can’t be a coincidence.  Another great example is the promo song he released a month or so after “Started From The Bottom” called “5 AM in Toronto.” The song is littered with what many have considered to be inside references to his feud with Chris Brown, his past relationship with Rihanna, and the nightclub lawsuit that the stars are currently involved in. Finally, the point is driven home beyond any doubt in the DJ Khaled buzz track poignantly called “No New Friends” that was released on April 15th.

The lyrical commonality indicates to us that this is a theme that, conscious or not, is continued from his Take Care album tracks like “Marvin’s Room” and the poignantly titled “Trust Issues.”  It has made for the kind of dramatic sincerity that eared his previous album Take Care major success. Take Care topped Billboard’s 200, Hip Hop/R&B, and Rap charts.  “Started From The Bottom” has hit as high as the number 2 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100, Hot R&B/Hip Hop, and Rap songs charts. This means that the theme is working yet again.
However, given everything that’s gone on recently in Drake’s personal life, we doubt that any of this is a put on.  Take a listen to the tracks provided below and see if you see the connection between the songs like we do.

Drake’s Nothing Was The Same album is scheduled for release this year.  Will you be checking for it?  For more on James Fauntleroy’s production discography with stars like Justin Timberlake, click here.

Drake Featuring James Fauntleroy

“Girls Love Beyonce” (Explicit)

Destiny’s Child

“Say My Name”

Columbia Records

DJ Khaled Featuring Drake Rick Ross & Lil Wayne

“No New Friends (SFTB Remix)” (Explicit)


“5 AM In Toronto” (Explicit)


“Started From The Bottom” (explicit)

From: Nothing Was The Same

Young Money/Cash Money/Republic Records


“Marvin’s Room” (explicit)

From: Take Care

Young Money/Cash Money/Universal Republic Records


“Trust Issues” (explicit)

From: Take Care

Young Money/Cash Money/Universal Republic Records