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Drake Announcing Real Life Romance WIth Nicki Minaj Though New Single?


Video Still From Nicki Minaj' "Moment For Life" Music Video

Ever since they were first seen getting close dancing together on New Years Eve, 2011 has been littered with rumors  that YMCMB superstars Drake and Nicki Minaj have been, at least possibly a couple.  Aware of the public’s curiosity towards their status, the two entertainers have found different ways to publicly  hint and tease about the subject with out making it entirely clear if what they are doing is for entertainment presentation purposes, or because they are in fact a couple. That teasing was then taken to the next level when Minaj premiered the music video for her song “Moment For Life” with MTV on January 27th.

In the wonderfully made short film, Nicki plays both the Cinderella character of herself,  and her fairy Godmother, know by name in MinaJ’s creative universe as Martha Zolanski. Drake Played prince charming.  The two rapped and sang into the heart of fans everywhere, using the song to ask the powers that be for the chance to take the success the two were experiencing at that moment, and allow that moment to for life as a Hip Hop happily ever after.

Now as the two were once again spotted hot and heavily close to each other in recent days, those rumors have intensified that much more.  This is especially true now that Drake has released   “Make Me Proud”.  Off of his up coming album Take Care, the track pairs the two in a raping duet of sorts, where Drake essentially smothers Minaj with a series of well rhymed compliments.  We specifically took notice of this because even though a rhythm of compliment giving is standard in hip hop duets, it is usually reciprocated with both the guy and the girl playing the role of a character on the track.  For “Make Me Proud” however, the compliment giving is noticeably  one sided and coming from Drake.  What is perhaps even more significant is that usually in songs like this, the type of compliments that are made are those that stoke a performing ego, talking about physical beauty and how desirable the person is.  Though Drake’s song has this, it also has an element of personal sincerely that is unique. In it he addresses Minaj with a level of pride inspiration and sincerity that would normally in many cases be saved for a significant other’s love letter.  Listen for yourself and you are likely to hear it pretty clearly as well.

If the song is inspired by true events, Drake, our hat is off to you sir.  It is the right kind of thing needed to woo  a highly sought after woman like Nicki Minaj.  Happy 25th birthday bud. Drake’s Take Care album is due for release on November 21s. Hear “Make Me Proud” below.

Drake Featuring Nicki Minaj

“Make Me Proud” (explicit)

From: Take Care

Young Money/Cash Money/Universal Motown Records Group


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