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Drake Announces His “Club Paradise Tour”

Drake On MTV News

Drake On MTV News

Hip Hop star Drake officially announced the dates for his “Club Paradise Tour” this week. Festivities are set to  kick off on Valentine’s Day in Miami. The”headlines” hit maker will then embark on a 17 city road trip that will cover  North America till  March 11’s concluding date in  San Diego. He is then  expected continue to continue touring with additional European dates. Guest that will be joining Drake on tour are said to include Kedrick Lamar and A$AP Rocky, two artists that have been described as  “his favorite up-and-coming emcees”

“I spent a lot of time out there [in Toronto]; that’s what this album is about,” Drake recently explained to MTV. “That’s what I’m gonna showcase. It’s the same thing with the tour: I wanna bring Kendrick, I wanna bring A$AP, those are guys that I love. It has nothing to do with people on my label:Tyga’s out, Nicki’s working on an album and everybody else is doing their thing on the road with Wayne or with Wayne in the studio, so I just sort of showcased the music that I happen to love right now, and those are the two guys that I’m bringing out.”

The confirmed dates for Drake’s North American Club Paradise Tour, according to MTV News , are listed below.

February 14 – Miami, FL
February 15 – Gainesville, FL
February 17 – Nashville, TN
February 18 – Columbus, OH
February 21 – Columbia, SC
February 22 – Lexington, KY
February 24 – Tallahassee, FL
February 25 – New Orleans, LA
February 27 – Austin, TX
February 28 – Oklahoma City, OK
March 1 – Kansas City, MO
March 2 – Arlington, TX
March 4 – Tucson, AZ
March 5 – Los Angeles, CA
March 8 – Fresno, CA
March 10 – San Jose, CA
March 11 – San Diego, CA