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Dr. Dre Featuring Eminem And Skylar Grey “I Need A Doctor” On Sale Now!

Dr. Dre Featuring Eminem & Skylar Grey "I Need A Doctor" Aftermath/Interscope Records

Dr. Dre Featuring Eminem & Skylar Grey "I Need A Doctor" Aftermath/Interscope Records

The second single from Dr. Dre’s long awaited third album, Detox was released for sale today by Aftermath/Interscope Records. That song is one that has been buzzed about for months called “I Need A Doctor,” and it features Dre’s Protégé, Eminem and singer/song writer, Skylar Grey. Even through in many cases Dre would produces his own music, this song is actually produced by Skylar Grey’s mentor , Alex Da Kid.

Alex and Skylar are best known for working together on some major recent Hip Hop hits. Alex served as producer, while Skylar helped write for such songs like “Love The Way You Lie” by Eminem featuring Rihanna, “Airplanes” by B.O.B. featuring Hayley Williams of Paramore., (This also includes “Airplanes” Part II” featuring Hayley Williams  and Eminem) and “Coming Home” by Diddy-Dirty Money ,which features Skylar on vocals.. If Skylar sounds familiar that is because you may have heard her singing the hook on the 2004 hit single “Where’d You Go” by Fort Minor, credited as Holly Brook.

“I Need A Doctor” also stands out because of its unique subject matter. It features a very emotional Eminem discussing Dr. Dre’s long absence from Hip Hop as a performer. In his verses Em explains how he hopes to repay Dre for “saving his life” years ago when he was instrumental in getting him signed to Interscope. It is almost as if Eminem is using his two verses in the song to plead to Dre to come back to music  and try to inspire him again. Eminem’s delivery is like he is taking a moment to lyrically shake Dre back to his senses. All this is captured while  Eminem tries to remind him how much he means to him.

The song grabs you as one of the realest displays of genuine love between Eminem and Dr. Dre. It is a must listen for many reasons. The combination of Alex Da Kid’s production, Eminem’s emotion and Skylar Grey’s  vocals make magic on record.

Dr. Dre Featuring Eminem & Skylar Grey

From Detox

Aftermath/Interscope Records


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(Co-Written & Produced By Alex Da Kid & Skylar Grey)