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Diddy’s Son Under Fire For Accepting UCLA Scholarship?

Justin Combs & Sean "Diddy" Combs

Justin Combs & Sean "Diddy" Combs

Justin Combs, the son of Hip Hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs has exploded into the news cycle recently because of taxpayer outrage over his $54,000 scholarship to attend UCLA.  The still relatively fresh college freshman made headlines earlier this year when he announced his commitment to play football for the school.  Understandably, nay sayers are asking that the $54,000 scholarship that is committed to Combs as a result of his football involvement, be rededicated to a UCLA student that doesn’t comes from such extraordinarily affluent means.

Sean “Diddy” Combs, Justin’s father, is the chairman of Bad Boy World Wide Entertainment Group.  According to a report from Forbes Magazine last month, he has a net worth of $550 million dollars. Forbes has also reported that Diddy has earned $45 million so far in 2012.

To Justin’s credit, we would like to point out that reports also indicate that, finances aside he has gotten the scholarship  by the way of his own merits.  Before recently graduating, Combs consistently maintained a 3.75 GPA while also playing football.  It is important to also remember, that although it is easy to point a finger at Combs, responsibility for the scholarship ultimately rests in the hands of the school.  The identity and wealth of Justin’s  father clearly isn’t a secret.  Perhaps those angry taxpayers should investigate into and rectify, any potential inequality in UCLA’s treatment of athletes or other high profile students when it comes to scholarships and any other amenities or privileges.

The tension related to this matter is completely understandable.  Without knowing the inner workings of the Combs family, it is natural to assume, that the influence and wealth of his father will afford Justin opportunities and privileges that will far out weigh the monetary value of  his scholarship. Combs relinquishing the scholarship would allow it to be potentially given to someone else who would have otherwise struggled through paying their way though school, or otherwise not have attended.  That is a potential that shouldn’t be ignored.

Therefore, although some may not see it as fair for Justin personally,  giving up the scholarship is probably the best course of action to for him to resolve this matter peacefully. Hopefully this issue gets handled fairly. We Wish Justin Combs luck and happiness with the rest of his college career.

Update: 5/31

UCLA Defends their choice to Grant Justin Combs His Athletically Based Scholarship

“Unlike need-based scholarships, athletic scholarships are awarded to students strictly on the basis of their athletic and academic ability—not their financial need. Athletic scholarships, such as those awarded to football or basketball players, do not rely on state funds. Instead, these scholarships are entirely funded through UCLA Athletics ticket sales, corporate partnerships, media contracts and private donations from supporters.”

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