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Diddy Tops Forbes List of Highest Earners In Hip Hop

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This week saw the release of Forbes Magazine’s list of the top earners in Hip Hop.  For anyone that keeps up with the industries players, even from a distance, the names are a list of who’s who of familiar celebrity faces.  The top five is rounded out by 50 Cent who has a net worth of 110 million dollars, followed by Cash Money Records executive and rapper, Brian “Birdman” Williams who totals an impressive $125 million.  Rapper/Producer Dr. Dre seems to be doing pretty well despite the fact that his long awaited and highly promoted album, detox has yet to stores as a completed effort.  Thanks to the success of business ventures like Beats By Dr. Dre headphones, and speakers which is partnered with electronic’s company HTC, he has netted $270 million and landed in the number 3 spot.

The lists top two have diversified their business efforts so much, it may not even be fair to categorize them as strictly “hip hop” anymore, because their business savvy has allowed their influence nearly area off business and pop culture that they wish to at a given moment.  Both Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter, and Sean “Diddy” Combs are the epitome of how the right blend of talent , an entrepreneurial awareness of the resources, and a little bit of luck can allow someone to use their flagship talent to culturally enrich themselves, and become empowered to see understand, touch the world from the rarest of angles.  Oh yeah, they also have a keen sense on how to keep their pockets fat too.

Jay-Z comes in second to Diddy, with the still overly abundant amount of $460 million.  The Ciroc pushing, Sean John wearing, Revolt starting Bad Boy Records chairman is on top with a net worth of $550 million dollars.  Is it lonely up there? Considering the fact that much of the adult world is forced to obsess about money, and few people have it these days, maybe that question’s answer will be worth a small fortune.  What do you think Puff?