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Diddy-Dirty Money’s Kalenna Harper Debuts Viral Video And Solo Single, “Go To Work”



Kalenna has been quiet and hard at work on her upcoming single and album.  It is now time to reveal the answers that question, “Who is Kalenna?”  On Friday, 11-11-11, the multi-dimensional singer/songwriter is releasing her solo single and viral video, “Go To Work.”

Kalenna, who’s affectionately known as KDiddybop said the song was inspired by some people’s behavior on social media sites. 

“I admire people out here who are working and going to school while raising children and just have a life in general.  This song was not about them.  This record is about people who are sitting at home on Twitter and Facebook all day hating on other people or broadcasting their entire lives.  Go To Work!  Stop talking about me or anyone else for that matter and get off Facebook,” she laughs.  “People broadcast their whole conversations . . . between husbands and wives and what they did. They say some crazy stuff!”

She adds, “Don’t get me wrong now, I think Facebook and Twitter are good places to express yourself and can be great marketing tools but some people just take it too far.  Stop worrying about what I’m doing and Go To Work.  Stop scrutinizing me and do you. . .Go To Work!”

In complying with answering the question, “Who Is Kalenna,” the four-time Russian Grammy Award winner plans to open up through her music and express her interests and passions via her community service projects.

“’Who is Kalenna’ is the question people often ask.  Everyone isn’t aware of my extensive catalog of writing credits.  So that’s the question they asked when I came from behind the pen and paper to the forefront with Diddy Dirty Money,” she says.  Now I feel it is time for me to provide answers that question.”

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“Go To Work” (Explicit)