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Did You Know Spider-Man Was Signed To Interscope Records?

Reeves Carney As Spiderman

Reeve Carney As Spider-Man

Did you know Spider-Man was signed to Interscope Records?  Well, not really. But, if you’re  a struggling musician, you may want to consider getting bitten by a radioactive spider. It may change your luck.  In a way, that’s what happened to acclaimed but relatively unknown actor/singer/musician Reeve Carney when he got the lead role in the Broadway play, Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark.  In a way, Carney stepping into the role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man appears to have allowed the stars to align for both the ambitious play and the music career he’s been working toward since his childhood.

Reeve Carney grew up in a  musical family that reportedly taught him the piano before he could walk.   Enthusiasm for music was apparently so rampant in his family,  that as a young boy his parents continually fed him a diverse diet of music and culture. They would keep alternating him between his own private guitar lessons and taking him to different blues clubs while moving back and forth from Los Angeles and New York’s West Village.

Carney’s artistic cred grew with him being a featured performer  at Manhattan’s Avery Fisher Hall, and as a guest vocalist of Michael Jackson. However, die hard fans remember Reeve as the front-man of his band also called “Carney”. The band, Carney released 2 EPs,, Looking Glass in 2004, and Nothing Without You  in 2008, via DAS Label/Interscope Records. These let to the eventual release of the group’s debut, Mr. Green Vol 1, also released by DAS Label/Interscope in May 2010. This was all done while Reeve also  balanced  the pursuit  of an acting career that  he had been fostering since 1994.  He did this by taking a variety of small roles in film and TV.

Later, the dedicated musical talent Reeve had been developing since childhood almost went off the path of reaching its full potential.  Reeve’s focus redirected more toward his acting career. This happend when he took roles in Touchstone Pictures’ The Tempest, and the role that would propel him into mainstream notoriety , Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark. Oddly enough, taking the role of one of the worlds most famous super heroes would make him a bigger rock star than his actual rock band ever did before. But just like any big break, that too would not come without challenges.

Although playing Spider-Man would be the role of a life time, the show’s production was plagued  with problems that would eventually exceed a budget of over 70 million dollars as  the most expensive Broadway play in history.The opening of the play was delayed 6 times from its originally scheduled date, of February 18th, 2010, to summer of 20011. The delays first began due to production problems, but then continued due to 5 cast members being hospitalized for various injuries.

Safety inspectors from the New York State Department of Labor reviewed key scenes in the show. in February 2011, they cited the show for two workplace safety violations. The United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration then  fined the show $12,600 in March 2011 for three serious safety violations.

 Although Carney’s  “Mr. Green” album may not have gotten its; deserved promotion , the fact that Reeve is staring in a musical composed by Rock legends Bono and The Edge of U2, has also allowed him to obtain more then enough recognition as a musician. This would therefore make  all the years of consistent hard work on music worth while as well.

Not only will Reeve be able to now benefit from being associated with being Spider-Man, but it has allowed him the rare opportunity of joining The Edge and Bono as the lead on the show’s promotional soundtrack single, “Rise Above 1”.  The song is fantastic, and just might be the musical launching pad he’s been working toward all his life, proving that hard work really can pay off.  Cheers Reeve.  Great Job! Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark Soundtrack hits stores on June 14th!

Hear the  song below courtesy of Interscope Records.

Reeve Carney Featuring Bono & The Edge

“Rise Above 1” (Studio Version)

From SpiderMan Turn Off The Dark Soundtrack

Interscope/Mercury Records

Reeve Carney – “Rise Above 1” feat. Bono and The Edge by Interscope Records

Reeves Carney

“Rise Above” (Performance)

Reeve Carney Featuring Bono & The Edge of U2

“Rise Above 1”

Live on American Idol