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Derek Fuhrmann Splits W/The Crash Motive Nov 24, 2008

Drummer Feb 28, 2008

Derek Fuhrmann Splits W/The Crash Motive Nov 24, 2008’s first featured band, The Crash Motive, originally known as Omnisoul has come to the end of an era. The Band’s song writer and lead singer, Derek Fuhrmann has split with the remaining members to persue a solo career.

Derek Fuhrmann Splits W/The Crash Motive  Fuhrmann and the band released seperate statements today about the line up change. Clizbeats looks back at our history with the band today. This came as a disappointment to us because reporting on their development was a big part in helping Clizbeats grow. We always saw a great potential in what they could be dating back to when before our site was even launched, and later when was just a side project in our college dorm at Temple University. They were a big part of our history as we applied our knowledge of the music industry to cover the world of music for all the right reasons. They gave us a lot of opportunities while our site was still very new, and for that we are very thankful. We will always look back fondly on our time working with them and we wish all of them the best in their future plans.

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A Message From Derek

Dear Fans and Friends,

After many great experiences and accomplishments with The Crash Motive (and Omnisoul), I have decided to leave the band. I have been very fortunate to have played with the four original members of this band; Jamie Orlando, Josh Berger, Tyler Ingersoll, and Shawn Manigly; as well as the newest addition, Josh Dannin. I truly couldn’t have asked for a better group of guys to have, not only as band mates, but as great friends.

We have had a very wild and crazy ride. We’ve toured the entire country. We had music placed in movies, television, video games, sports stadiums and radio. We’ve had the honor of working with some amazingly talented sound engineers and producers in recording studios from New York to LA to right here in Newark, DE. There were incredible high’s and disappointing low’s throughout the entire experience, but looking back, I definitely had the time of my life.

I would like to thank the band, all of the talented people we’ve worked with, the generous venue owners and booking agents, and anyone who has helped us along the way. Most importantly, I would like to thank the fans of this band for their relentless encouragement. The very same fans that helped us break a station record at 93.7 WSTW with 31 straight days of “Waiting” as the 1 most requested song. It’s a record that still stands today you know 🙂

My final show with The Crash Motive will be at The Deer Park on December 27th, and I would LOVE to see ALL of you there. I will also be performing with the band on the two dates leading up to the Deer Park. Expect to hear a lot of old songs as well as new, and expect to have a great time, because I know we all will be!

In the meantime, I have moved to New York, and I will begin making a solo record this winter. I will miss playing in this band very much, but I am also very optimistic about what the future holds for me and the rest of the guys.

Endless thanks to everyone for your support then AND now…..


Derek Fuhrmann

A Message From The Band


As you may know, our dear friend and lead singer Derek Furhmann is leaving the band. While we’re saddened by this news, we’re also eager and excited to begin work on a new project. This is the end of an era, and the beginning of a new one for the five of us.

We have THREE shows left, and will conclude it all with a very special last show as The Crash Motive on December 27th at Deer Park in Newark, DE, where it all began. After this, we’ve collectively decided to end The Crash Motive, and start a new band with a new name. The new band will include Jamie Orlando, Josh Berger, Shawn Manigly and Josh Dannin.

Stylistically, we plan on being a much different band than TCM. We have begun sorting through hundreds of ideas for new songs! Vocal auditions will start soon soon, so please stay tuned.

We are thankful to everyone who has supported The Crash Motive/Omnisoul. We’ve had some amazing highs and lows over the past 6 years. We’ve gotten to see just about every aspect of the inner-workings of the music “machine”, from the labels, to the managers, to touring. Maybe we’ll write a book about it someday.

We wish Derek the best of luck in his endeavors as a solo artist, and rest assured, this is not the last you’ll be hearing from the four of us 🙂

Josh I, Josh II, Shawn & Jamie

We’d love for anyone in the Philadelphia area to come join us for our final ALL-AGES show at the TLA on Friday, November 28th. Tickets can be ordered through and picked up at will-call. The two shows after that will be 21+. We’ll be playing Bubba’s in Dover on December 5th, and then a final bash at DEER PARK in Newark, DE on December 27th!!! Please hurry up and buy any extra merchandise from us, because we’ll be closing down the website in 2009.

Thanks again everyone, it’s been a really crazy ride, and we couldn’t have done it without you!
The Crash Motive