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Demi Lovato’s Aunt Reports On Her Condition While Fox Replaces Her Episode For Tonight’s “Beat Shazam”

UPDATE: Demi Lovato’s Family Releases Statement TO NBC News About Her Overdose

UPDATES: Sources Close To Demi Lovato Tell TMZ She Did Not OD On Heroin Despite Being Treated For Opioids


As we continue to wait for updates on Demi Lovato’s condition after a reported heroin overdose, it looks like we may have good news. As were the first to report on Demi’s overdose earlier this afternoon, they are now the first to report developments on Demi’s condition while details are still scarce at this time. TMZ is now saying that Demi’s aunt, Kerissa Webb Dunn took to her social media to simply say the words “awake and responsive.” We will keep you updated on details for this story as they develop. We continue to wish Demi and her family the best. In related news, we have learned that Demi Lovato was scheduled to appear on tonight’s pre-tapped episode of the Jamie Foxx hosted game show, Beat Shazam.


Beat Shazam Season 2 Promo 




Demi took to Twitter to promote the episode that was tapped in December  earlier this afternoon. However in response to Demi’s overdose Fox has opted to replace the episode for tonight’s airing. In a statement Fox Network said the following .

“In light of recent reports, we have decided to replace the episode of Beat Shazam with another all-new episode. Our thoughts go out to Demi and her family.”

We will let you know when and if Fox ever decides to air Demi’s episode of Beat Shazam at a later date.