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Demi Lovato Has A “Heart Attack” Of Continued Success And May Return To X Factor

Simon Cowell With Demi Lovato

Simon Cowell With Demi Lovato

We here at Clizbeats have been fans of Pop singer Demi Lovato since we first saw her break through in 2008 as one of the Disney Channel’s spotlight drawing personalities, and stars.  After first seeing her in the network’s original movie Camp Rock, our desire to root for her has grown consistently with her developing career and growing maturity. This is especially true at this particular point and time.

Like many of her fans, our hearts were touched greatly when we watched her bare her soul in the MTV aired documentary Stay Strong, that centered around her confronting and discussing the personal emotional issues that put her already impressive career on a very public pause..  Only she knows Although we can’t know if Stay Strong  was as personally therapeutic as it appeared, we can say that from an observers point of view, it serves as the biggest publicly identified turning point in her personal life that seems to have lead to overall change for the better.  Now according to Patchogue radio station WBLI, the latest of those things is the discovery of a long lost sister.

“I have an older sister that I’ve never known my whole life,” she told the station.She’s in her 30s. She’s my half-sister. I talked to her for the very first time in my life around when I turned 20.”

“I asked her, ‘Why haven’t you ever contacted me?'” Lovato continues. “She said ‘Well, because I never wanted you to think that I wanted anything from you. So I’ve just been waiting to see if you wanted a relationship.'”

We hope that relationship proves to be as fruitful as her career has recently grown to be.  Demi’s new single “Heart Attack”  has been rapidly added to several staple radio stations across the country. It has also earned over 1 million views on You Tube over night, and went to number 1 on Itunes in 16 countries. That appears to be just beginning for her and her yet to be named album.    Simon Cowell has implied that she’ll be invited to serve as a judge on his show X Factor for its upcoming season, even though judges LA Reid, and Britney Spears will not return.

Speaking as Demi fans, we hope things work out, and the show’s changes give her an opportunity to shine even brighter.  Click here to listen to Demi’s entire  WBLI interview.  To hear more details on Demi’s continued role on X Factor, check out Simon Cowell’s banter filled interview with Ryan Seacrest embedded below.

Simon Cowell Talks X Factor With Ryan Seacrest


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