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DC Entertainment/Warner Bros “Suicide Squad”: Jared Leto As The Joker Is Revealed, Common Joins The Cast!

Jared Leto As The Joker From “Suicide Squad” And Common

As a music web site we don’t get an opportunity to talk about the awesome explosion of superheroes in the film world very often. But as our readers may know, ever since Thirty Seconds Of Mars front-man, Jared Leto and rapper turned actor, Will Smith were conformed for DC Entertainment’s, Suicide Squad we have been geeking out every chance we get! With that said the geeking continues in this article with more exciting developments for the upcoming 2016 film! Like our previous article, this one starts with news on the latest version of the iconic DC comics villain, The Joker!  In honor of the character’s 75th anniversary Suicide Squad director, David Ayer tweeted an official photo of Batman’s most famous antagonist. As if that wasn’t enough musician/actor related news, there’s more!


Earlier this week Suicide Squad also trended when it was reported that rapper turned actor, Common was cast in an undisclosed role for the film. It could be anyone, but fan theory leads us to believe that there is a good chance that Common was cast as the third Green Lantern from Earth, John Stewart. While this is only speculation, it is not out of line to guess that the rumors are true. This is because prior to the DC Cinematic universe that Warner Bros. launched with the release of 2013’s Man Of Steel, Warner Bros cast Common as John Stewart/Green Lantern in a cancelled 2007 Justice League film written by Dark Knight Trilogy writer, David S. Goyer. That intended project was intended to exist in a shared universe with Batman Begins (2005), and Superman Returns. (2006) At that time it was not confirmed if the characters of Batman or Superman were officially included in the storyline of the film, officially titled, Justice League Morta. However, it was intended to be a direct spin-off of both films from the two franchises. This implies that both Christian Bale and Brandon Routh were intended to play a role in future related productions. Production for Justice League Morta was intended to begin after Warner Bros. completed filming The Dark Knight, but was eventually cancelled due to the S.A.G. writer’s strike that began in November 2007

David S. Goyer would go on to write the Superman Re-boot, Man Of Steel as the first film in the new DC Cinematic Universe. 300 and Watchman director, producer, Zack Snyder, leads the new version of the universe. This universe is expected to include two “team up” films involving the Justice League. Justice League Part One is expected for release in 2017, while sequel is scheduled for 2019. Even though it was not confirmed which version of the Green Lantern would be in this universe, some version of the character will be playing a role. We know this because along with many other solo films centered on Justice League members, Warner Bros. also announced a Green Lantern solo film for 2020.

John Stewart’s version of the Green Lantern has also been the subject of a lot of chatter on the Internet, after a fan-made campaign to cast singer/actor, Tyrease Gibson in the role began recently. Since Tyrease is a major player in other action franchises like Transformers, and The Fast And The Furious, playing a superhero would not be too much of a stretch.  Tyrease recently commented to syndicated entertainment show, Extra about the Green Lantern casting rumor while promoting his latest film , Furious 7. However the recent billion-dollar success for that film would most likely put Gibson out of the running. This was confirmed this week with Universal Pictures’ recent announcement of Furious 8. That Furious sequel is now expected for the summer of 2017, the same time Justice League Part One is due from Warner Bros. So now that Tyrease is officially out of the conversation, there is all the more reason to suspect Common to be John Stewart.  This is especially the case since Common is hotter than ever after the critical acclaim of Selma. Common recently commented on his love for the character of John Stewart while promoting his latest film, Run All Night. In that clip you will see Common discuss the cancelled Justice League Morta project.

Tyrease Gibson Talks Green Lantern 


Common Talks Being Cast As John Stewart/Green Lantern In Cancelled 2007 Justice League Film (Run All Night Promo 2015)

Hey U Guys


Suicide Squad, which takes place after Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is scheduled for release in June of 2016. The film is centered around key Batman villains who are manipulated into doing the government’s dirty work by the threat of being killed. This storyline was previously explored in the2014 direct-to DVD/Blu Ray/Digital animated film, Batman: Assault On Arkham.  There is no word if Ben Affleck is expected to reprise his as Batman in the theatrical version

Batman Assault On Arkham (2014 Trailer)

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