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Daughtry’s 3rd Album Building Buzz With “Crawling Back To You” Music Video


Daughtry "Crawling Back To You" 19/RCA Records

Last week marked the debut of the music video for Daughtry’s latest single “Crawling Back To You”, and already been building big buzz for the band’s 3rd album Break The Spell. Since it was released to Itunes on October 4th, Daughtry has been able to move 47,000 units, landing it at number 41 on the Billboard charts. “Crawling Back To You” marked the third highest debut in Daughtry’s career.  We’re willing to bet that this is a sign that Break The Spell wont disappoint.  We think Daughtry is fantastic.  Therefore, now that the music video is out, we wanted to be sure to show our support and let you see what you think.  Break The Spell is scheduled for release on November 21st via 19 Entertainment and RCA Records.


“Crawling Back To You”

From: Break The Spell

19/RCA Records