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Couple Sings To The World About Their Break Up On Youtube

Couple Sings To The World About Their Break Up On Youtube

Couple Sings To The World About Their Break Up On Youtube

Youtube burst into the world on February of 2005, and after quickly getting its legs as one of the most popular websites ever, its existence effectively caused a ripple effect that changed how the world interacts because of it.  Most of the time, people like us see this because Youtube has become the ubiquitous means in which video, and in many cases audio gets shared around the bloggisphere., and playing an extraordinary role in the rapid multimedia expansion in the web’s landscape in the last 8 years.  Now that television like multimedia influence has expanded into how a couple announces the break up of their relationship to their friends, and the world.

Jonathan Mann and Ivory, his ex girlfriend of 5 years published “We’ve Got To Break Up (Song a Day #1435)” to Youtube on December 5th.  In the 2:51 long video, the couple sing to their friends and explain their reasons as to why they felt like they should break up.  An example of the personal information divulged in the video about the break up includes the fact that he wants kids, and she doesn’t.   Jonathan discussed the issue the issues in a note describing the video.  We’ve provided it below.

“Yes, it’s true folks. Ivory and I are splitting up. It’s really sad. I’m really sad. I think you may have been able to tell in some recent songs. It’s going to be a hard road ahead for me, but I know that this is the right decision and that eventually we’ll both be happier in the end.

I just want to say, thanks for being out there, watching my stuff and commenting and sending me messages. Your support and love during this time of crisis in my life means so, so much.”

We’d like to wish Jonathan and Ivory the best in their now well announced separate lives.  Their musical break up has already been viewed over 600 thousand times.    Lets hope those breaking differences were as significant as they both thought them to be. Very few potential spouses will have that love of video blogging their lives in the unique and impacting way that these two did. Enjoy the very unique music video below.

Jonathan & Ivory

“We’ve Got To Break Up (Song a Day #1435)”