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Conrad Murray Files Appeal Claiming To Have Proof That He Did Not Kill Michael Jackson

Conrad Murray

Conrad Murray

It seems like every little aspect of The Jackson family’s dispute over the validity of Michael Jackson’s will is being explored by both the media and the family from every angel possible. Well, now amongst that chaos,  Conrad Murray, the doctor that was found guilty of manslaughter over the death of Michael Jackson, is now saying that he can prove that he wasn’t the one who injected the Pop star with the fatal dose of the drug that contributed to his death called propofol.  TMZ is reporting that Murray’s lawyers are currently filing an appeal stating that the deadly dose of propofol was more pure than what Murray would normally provide Jackson, indicating that Jackson is responsible for the injection himself.

The basis of Murray’s argument revolved around his claim that the fatal dose of propofol didn’t have lidocaine mixed into it.  This is important because part of the prosecution case against Murray described him  hooking Jackson up to an IV that contained a mix of propofol and lidocaine, and then leaving the singer unattended.  to slip into what turned out to be a fatal sleep.  Murray’s lawyers argues that the fatal dose of propofol did in fact not contain lidocaine.  According to Murray’s account, this is a crucial difference that provides proof towards his innocence.  Murray claims that he mixed in  lidocaine to “ease the sting” of the Propofol.

In the past Murray, who is currently serving a maximum four year sentence for manslaughter in the LA county jail, has made two requests to test the vial that contained the lethal dose of Propofol.  Both prior request have been denied.  Therefore, Murray argues, that if the vial is tested and shows no trace of lidocaine, the dose’s contents will be contrary to the prosecution’s prior description of how the meds were administered, and provide tangible  proof of the possibility that Jackson could have injected the dose himself.  The motion for appeal was set to be filed in California today.