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ColdPlay Drops Artistic New Song “Midnight” With Very Visual Video

Video Still from ColdPlay’s “Midnight” Music Video

By Andrew McMahon

Brit rock vets Coldplay took to twitter yesterday to announce the release of their brand new  song, “Midnight.” See the tweet embedded below.


For their latest work, the band takes a break from the alternative, Brit Pop sound that most fans know them for, to bring us something a bit different.  At first listen, “Midnight” comes off as a slow and down tempo style EDM tune. It is definitely something different,  and it’s genuinely interesting This is because Coldplay songs are commonly known to be compiled with  as many instrumental sequences as there are vocals sequences. “Midnight” takes that process, turns it up a notch, adds a flare all its own.  It has a sound that uniquely stands out as it’s own, and  inspired a Mary Wigmore directed video that  is just as distinctive.

As you’ll see, there are multiple instances of frames repeating, looking visually sporadic. To me, it is like the visual equivalent of a song on a CD skipping back and fourth. There are a number of shots overlaying a negative outline of a human figure, or figures, in the foreground that are black and white exteriors of what appears to be either a city, the woods, or both in the background. comes off as cryptic, unique and stands out for ColdPlay as an unexpected new kind of expression.

That sonic expression was then followed with a creative distributing expression as well. The band made “Midnight”‘s release standout by  scheduling it, coincidentally it would seem, to debut at midnight for the local timezone of  Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. It got our attention, so they did something right.

As of now Coldplay hasn’t announced plans for a new album  or tour associated with this new song.  Their most recent work prior to  “Midnight” was their single “Atlas” recorded for the Hunger Games: Catching Fire Soundtrack, back in September of 2013.  We’ll keep you posted as we learn more details.

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