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Clizbeats Spotlights The Fantastic Music And Talent Of Cris Cab

Cris Cab "Red Road"

Cris Cab "Red Road"

We wanted to take a moment to spotlight the fantastic new music of one of our favorites here at Clizbeats named Cris Cab. As some of you may remember we featured this fantastic newcomer as our artist of the month back in August of last year, shortly he signed with Mercury and Island Records. In large part this was because after he “exploded across You Tube,” earning 6.5 million views by doing his own style of covering songs like Wiz Khalifa “Black And Yellow,” Kaye West’s “All Of The Lights,” and Foster The People’s “Pumped Up Kicks.”  It was no surprise why the covers were such a hit. He took these very well known songs, and literally made them his own.

The covers were done uniquely because he himself is extremely unique and immensely talented.  Although he may not look it from his pictures, Cris is the son of a first generation Cuban immigrant, so he adds his own share of cultural diversity to the music scene by what he offers. Also, considering the fact that he’s only 20 years old, his natural ability is impressively beyond his years.  He first picked up the guitar at age 11, and began writing his own songs on an old 4 track he acquired when he was 14.  That talent then got him noticed by mega producer Pharrell Williams 4 years ago, who has been credited as the one that discovered him. Pharrell continues to boost him to this day. He was quoted saying the following about Cris.

“I knew from the moment he grabbed his guitar and sang that first note,” Pharrell recalls, “that with the proper nurturing, that kid had it.  He is merely warming up.  This kid is just getting started.”

That was especially clear when he released his acclaimed mixtape Echo Boom in January of 2012.  It featured several standout guest artists like Marc Roberge of O.A.R, Wyclef Jean, Pharrell Williams, Melanie Fiona, and more.  It was premiered through major outlets like Billboard, Cambio, Complex Media, Fader,, and US Magazine, and helped get his debut single with rapper Big Sean, “Good Girls Don’t Grow On Trees” the buzz needed to introduce him to the world.

It must have done the trick because Cris and company recently released a new mixtape called Red Road to promote his newest single, “When We Were Young.” Not only were we thrilled with the single, but we also felt that the entire tape was an experience that we must share with all of you!  We’ve embedded both Red Road and Echo Boom below.  Turn em on! We’re betting you’ll love it all!  We’ll keep you posted on more details from Cris and his music as it comes! Enjoy!

Cris Cab

“When We Were Young”

Cris Cab

Red Road (entire Mixtape)

Red Road by CRIS CAB

Click Here To Listen To Cris Cab’s Echo Boom