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Clizbeats Productions Presents: “The Next Evolution Of Robin Thicke: Love After War Fatherhood And Family”

Robin Thicke "Love After War" Star Trak/Geffen/Interscope Records

Robin Thicke “Love After War” Star Trak/Geffen/Interscope Records

Friend to, R&B singer/song writer/producer Robin Thicke recently called in to chat about a little bit of everything he has going. In this personal interview Robin talks about his family inspiring the creative direction behind his 5th album “Love After War”. He also  talks about how fatherhood  has allowed him to grow as a person. He also does not hesitate to say how proud he is to watch his wife, Paula Patton become a movie star while being a mother.


Audio Feature Credits

Host: Matt Clizbe

Interviewer,Written, Produced, Mixed And Engineered By: Craig Clizbe

Production Assistance By: Furqan Raschke And Michael Leary

Special Thanks: Robin Thicke, Paula Patton, Furqan Raschke, Beau Benton, Nick J. Groff, Neil Jacobson, Andre Harrell, Michael Leary, Michael Gallagher, 42 West,  Interscope Management,  Star Trak Records, Geffen Records, Interscope Records.