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Clizbeats Productions Presents: “EDM Soul: The Story Of Alicia Madison”

Alicia Madison

In this in-depth interview New Jersey singer/songwriter, Alicia Madison tells her story of transformation from a shy wedding singer to chart topping star on the rise. Alicia takes you through her journey as she tells the story of how she was given encouragement to develop her craft by music industry heavyweights like 90s teen idol turned executive, Tommy Page, and later American Idol’s Randy Jackson. You’ll hear how those experiences fueled her to follow her dreams, as she eventually found herself as a singer/songwriter in the beats of EDM. This is the remarkable story of how an independent artist was able to defy the odds by topping the Mediabase Dance Charts, by injecting them with her unique brand of soulful Pop. Listen as you hear the sounds of “EDM Soul: The Story Of Alicia Madison.”


Audio Feature Credits 

Host: Matt Clizbe

Interviewer, Written, Produced, Edited ,Mixed, and Engineered By Craig Clizbe

Additional Writing By: Matt Clizbe

Special Thanks: Alicia Madison, Gary Salzman, Big Management, And Spinnin’ Records

This Interview Production Is Dedicated In Loving Memory To Tommy Page And Jeff Richards